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Strategic and Innovation Initiatives

Running a company profitably, is harder than ever before. The current economic climate is challenging. New technologies seem to pop up everywhere. And disruptive competitors are forever trying to take over your slice of the market. Businesses owners and execs are faced with a dual challenge and careful balancing act:

  • managing day-to-day operations
  • trying to improve performance

We can assist with the following:

  • Business Model reviews
  • Implementing and rolling out new projects
  • Business internal rationalisations, re-organisations or restructurings
  • Outsourcings or Joint ventures
  • Finding processes or areas of operation to improve (see below)

Business & Performance Improvement

Business and Performance improvement focus on the business levers and processes in your company. This review can be catered to specific needs and can be as broader as narrow as required. It includes identifying opportunities for process enhancements or productivity improvements.

We can assist with the following:

  • Sales or Product mix reviews
  • Business Analysis or Diagnostic Studies to identify business areas, service lines or service offerings for improvement
  • Process Improvements or Process Redesign
  • Process Automation
  • Policies & Procedures

Cost monitoring and Cost reduction projects

On the one hand, Executives have to keep a finger on the many performance levers that drive business. On the other, they also have to maintain a healthy return to shareholders. Ultimately bottom-line performance and return is what counts. Focusing on the wrong metrics, being side-lined by vanity metrics, or paying insufficient attention to minor details can end up eating into hard-earned after-tax returns. Large companies generate truck-loads of data. Sifting through this data, can take days and weeks, specifically you do not have the right tools. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep both eyes on the ball.

We recommend that any cost reduction exercises be conducted side-by-side (ideally sequentially) with strategic sourcing reviews. This will maximise the likelihood of identifying savings.

We can assist with the following:

  • Identification and selection of business metrics
  • Analysis of cost drivers across various business functions
  • Planning, implementing and management of cost-monitoring projects
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