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Tender (Bid) Management

Cogniplex has deep experience accumulated over many years in professional services and in industry, managing a large variety of procurement processes, ranging from small and relatively simple purchase transactions to tender processes for large scale multi-year service / capital contracts / outsourcing contracts with significant contract value at a very senior level.

We are uniquely qualified to assist you with your tender processes as we have hands-on coal face experience of successfully completing such projects from all different perspectives:

  • the Client/ End-user perspective (contracting entity);
  • the Service Provider perspective (bidder);
  • as well as Consultant/Transaction Advisory perspective.

The value (in terms of both financial- and legal implications as well as peace of mind) of proper and clean governance for all procurement processes cannot be over-estimated. Specifically, in the current business and economic climate, where reputational damage can easily result in serious financial and legal repercussions, it is more important than ever before to manage your procurement stream professionally. Cogniplex can assist where possible to achieve a clean bill of health for your procurement project.

Furthermore, we are able to manage both local and international bidding processes and end-to-end management of the Tender / Bidding Process for procurement projects ranging from relatively straightforward low-value to large or complex country-wide projects.

Cogniplex can lead the transaction, fit in as part of your team, or we can in-source expertise to compliment and meet the project requirements:

  • Developing bidding process governance procedures
  • User needs analysis
  • Drawing up and or vetting of specifications
  • Development of Service Level Agreements
  • Drawing up of tender / bid documents: RFP, RFQ, RFI
  • Drawing up of tender templates / returnables: RFP, RFQ, RFI
  • Drawing up of tender evaluation criteria, evaluation sheets, templates / returnables
  • Tender advertisement, hosting and presentation of Tender briefing sessions
  • Hosting and presenting Bidder Briefing sessions, compulsory site visits or inspections
  • Coordinating and managing physical or electronic Data Rooms or Data Vaults
  • Coordinating and compiling bidder clarification questions and answers
  • Oversight and or administration of the tender process from briefing to pre-qualification, tender evaluation, including recommendations
  • Rf BAFO - Best & Final Offer and development of bidder specific roadmaps
  • Contract award, negotiation and financial close

Contract Implementation & Contract Management

Contract roll-out and implementation can hugely impact the success of the project for all sides involved. Various operational issues may occur during the term of the contract, and once the term nears expiration, a range of other considerations may come into play. We can assist with the following during the project life-cycle:

  • Project Implementation and roll-out
  • Day-to-day operational management from initiation to close-out
  • Operational and administrative matters such as billing
  • Contract and or Service Level reviews to determine if services are delivered according to specification.
  • Contract close-out and hand-over

Day-to-Day Procure-2-Pay Process & Supplier Management

We can provide hands-on management of, and/or review your daily procure-2-pay processes starting from initiation/requisition to payment and reconciliation. This includes conducting performance reviews and identifying opportunities for process enhancements or productivity improvements.

Strategic Sourcing

For larger organisations with a range of products/ services or a variety of different current suppliers or a fragmented supply chain, we offer a Strategic Sourcing Review. A Strategic Sourcing review is simply a structured process to achieve the best from your suppliers. Using a variety of data analytical tools to evaluate purchases and costs, we offer the following:

  • Identifying Strategic Goals, Objectives and Requirements
  • Analysing status-quo and Identifying Costs and Cost Structures
  • Conducting a market assessment
  • Identifying opportunities for further cost savings
  • Enhancing supplier performance
  • Improving Procurement & Contract Risk Management
  • Achieving organisational Social Responsibility Objectives

Procurement & Contract Risk Management

We can assist with the identification and management of risks within your different procurement streams, large capital projects or overall. Where possible, risk mitigation strategies will be proposed, together with process and management improvements in order to mitigate against the negative and potentially disruptive impact of risks on your operations.

  • Contract compliance verification against contractual and SLA requirements
  • Risk assessment on projects, works streams or business activities
  • Risk allocation and risk mitigation recommendations
  • Pre-emptive risk planning prior to contracting phase to contractually allocate, prevent, identify and or manage risks as far as possible

Transaction Advisory

For larger organisations considering or planning large scale, complex or capital-intensive projects, feasibility studies or actual implementation, or Public Sector participants: We can assist you in a range of different transactions e.g. outsourcings, Public-Private-Partnerships or other procurement mechanisms or hybrids of aforementioned, with various aspects of planning and executing your project.

We could either be working as part of a larger team of in-house experts and external professional service providers, or with our own team if required. In order to minimise risks to the project and ensure operational continuity, we strongly prefer to be involved from the outset in order to lay a solid base for the project going forward, as opposed to coming on-line later in the project or only once the wheels have already come off. Having said that, if you have a project where the warning lights are flickering - speak to us. We have previously successfully done project-rescue on high-profile and large projects:

  • Project scoping, Identifying Strategic Goals, Objectives
  • Requirements compilation and analysis
  • Defining user-specifications and clear deliverables
  • Identifying Costs and Cost Structures
  • Conducting a market assessment / RFI
  • Contract development, Service Level Agreements
  • Risk Management and Risk Transfer
  • Rf BAFO - Best & Final Offer
  • Contract Negotiation
  • End-to-end Management of the Procurement Process
  • Contract implementation and roll-out
  • Contract close-out

Should you require any further information or wish do discuss your project or business requirements in confidence, please contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Last updated: 7 January 2021

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